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Asset 146
Wedding of William Lloyd Finlay Robinson and Julia Roesner, 1905
Karen McPhie
Hilda Coetzee
My Mother age 1 year, 1912....Germany...
Hilda Coetzee
Hilda Coetzee
1914 - Woodchester men & boys about to go to War, taken outside the Ram Inn. Charlie Cordwell behind the left should of chap with the beard
Alison Cordwell
My grandfather on the right. Circa 1914.
Harry Aronis
The Harris Family 1896
Susan Foster
My great-great grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary in 1911. The car is a McLaughlin, the forerunner of the Buick car. They are in the back and in the front is his sister and her brother, also married.
Joy Steffler
Life in the 1900,s
Jayne Le Page
George Storrar 1914 - 1993
Eira Makepeace
Family Reunion Peace, Dunlap & Owen - 1907 at a hotel owned by Jefferson Davis Peace, my GGrand Uncle, Monte Ne, Benton, Arkansas
Lynden Rodriguez
Aged 18weeks old
Sharron Clarke
Ekstra Bladet fodbold cup 1982
René Henrik Dalhof
The day I was baptised, August 1953: I am resting in my great grandmother's lap - how proud she looks! Her eldest daughter, my grandmother, on the left. My mother on the right. Three strong, intelligent women who lived exciting, challenging and very different lives through more than a century. An invaluable heritage. How lucky I am!
Nina Heggelund
Brandon Bauer 19 days old
Michelle Mehregani Knowles
Sept 26, 1829 - June 8, 1902 She was born Verlina Hillman
Cynthia Carpenter
Foto do meu pai na escola de marinheiros 1934 com portanto 19 anos
fausto matias
19 months old
Mary Hoover
Ernest Newbold. 2nd Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment. Born 1898. Died 22 March 1918, age 19. Commemorated in the Pozieres Memorial, France. My husband's Great Uncle on his mother's side.
Vicki Clemerson
Grandfather LaCouvee around 1908 Quebec Canada
Pam Chesnutt
My wedding day to David Brinn on August 19, 1975, dancing with my dad. Vera tapped me out too fast she was in a big hurry to dance with my handsome father!
kimberley brinn
Blonde aux yeux bleus
Marie-chantal Laubie
First selfie ever!! Just picked up the camera on the coffee table and took the pic!!!
Michele Yarbrough
Stara razglednica Radovljica, posneta okoli 1910, actor domnevno Vengar
Miroslav Birk
Dad is in second Row from the bottom, 7th from the left.
Sandy Langley
1915 June Kathleen W Rice.
Cathleen Halliburton
Michael 3 months old....PLUMSTEAD....My first born...I was 19 years old...
Hilda Coetzee
Hilda Coetzee
Hilda Coetzee
Concierto violin y piano de Don Luis (19 años)
Gema Rodriguez
WB Stewart Barry Camp September 1908
Colin Stewart
Employees of the Wurlitzer Organ Factory early 1900s
Larry Tippett
Abraham & Teteroni when they were still living with their biological mother age 19 months
joyce atalifo
Wedding Day - September 18, 1923 Murrell Earnest and Rosellen Catherine Murphy Gibby (Son of John and Laura Taylor Gibby, 1900-1961)
Shelley Diehl
My Great Grandmother Susie Allys Peace (Stone), c. 1896, prob. St. Joseph, Missouri, Photographer Unknown
Lynden Rodriguez
סבתא וסבא לפני 60 שנה בני 19. כך התחילה אהבה של כל החיים
maria ulyanova
Picture of Bertha Mae Fulmer slightly before her death in 1897.
Pam Fulmer
Wedding photo
dennis stevens
Great grandparents John Thomas and Clara Belle Locklear. This was their wedding photo from 1908 in Paris, TX.
Pam Shoemaker
Carla Moors/Nederlandse Kastelen: In 1906 is tijdens sinterklaasavond het Wijchense kasteel uitgebrand
Piet van Erp
Grandma and Grandpa Jones' Florida trailer. 1915 Seminole Blvd., Largo, Florida
Sue Brown
Pappock family 1910
Ben Pfeffer
Son of Albert Edward and Emily White. Killed in action 1915
Elizabeth Wright
Oyster Roast, Old Donation Farm 1909
John Day
John Lee Hutchens and wife Rosie Quillin Hutchens with children at Alvarado, Texas 1895
Rick Johnson
Marriied 19 November 1948, having a 70th wedding anniversary to day 19 November 2008 at the age 91 and 96 years old 😍
johanna gardarsdottir
François et la postérité
Jacques Lavigueur
Katherine Vernon Brown - 1907 M’y Grandmother
Unknown Person
Third grade May 19, 1933
Cheryl Corro
The William and Mary Brown children, boys, William, Robert, John “Jack” and Thomas, 1915 written on photo
Patrice Shinabarger Sheets
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