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Asset 146
Mark Winchester (Grandad) 1924
Ian Winchester
Possibly taken in Haddam Ct 1920’s
matt swi
Olof Nordström 1 år
Karin Nordström
My late mother Janet (1932-2007) taking it easy in the hills of her native Scotland. 1950.
Deband Col Rogers
Irmgard,s birthday....20th . September 1992....( 1924.)
Hilda Coetzee
Albert Greenwood Otago Company 1916 Dunedin New Zealand
Barrie Greenwood
This is my husband's grandparents Laverne and Dave Cameron on January 18, 1933. It was taken the day after they were married by a justice of the peace in Vancouver, Washington. They went to Washington because they were too young to legally get married in their hometown of Portland Oregon.
Kristi Felbinger
1928 Westrum Reunion women
Jon Smith
Uncle Emile Pomainvilles' home in Limoges, Ontario Canada - early 1930
Linda Smith
Previous occupants of our Home About 1920.
colin paxton
My grandparents know each other since they born. The blonde boy and the girl next to him in the year 1935
Unknown Person
My father is front from left about 1927 for a school pageant.
Norman Kew
My grandparents wedding photo sometime in the 1920s
Unknown Person
Girls having fun timeless maybe early 1920s
Patricia Smith Cashmore
Roslyn's Grandmother Florence Thompson (née Robertson) on her wedding day. Approx 1923?
Roslyn Mansell
My first car
jim mcmillan
Wedding Day - September 18, 1923 Murrell Earnest and Rosellen Catherine Murphy Gibby (Son of John and Laura Taylor Gibby, 1900-1961)
Shelley Diehl
The John O. Gibby and Laura H. Taylor Gibby Family. Back row, l to r: Olive May Gibby (August 25, 1881-December 2, 1966), Thomas William Gibby (February 18, 1879-July 28, 1937), Lottie Jane Gibby (August 29, 1884-August 7, 1979), George Franklin Gibby (February 12, 1878-May 23, 1965) and Eva Gibby (July 20, 1886-December 18, 1979). Second row, l to r: Gladys Marie Gibby (October 7, 1888-February 26, 1977), John Owens Gibby (April 29, 1841-April 2, 1926), Laura Henrietta Taylor Gibby (Februar
Shelley Diehl
My Mom, Charlene Iveson, 3 years old, Barstow, California, in the midst of the Depression, c. 1934
Lynden Rodriguez
L -> R: Irvin H. Raber, John C. Raber, George Weismann, George E. Raber: The three Brothers & Uncle George who raised them, c. 1930, San Bernardino, California
Lynden Rodriguez
Lillian, Jack, George Raber ~ about 1926
Lynden Rodriguez
Millie Minerva Cleveland & Henry Knight, Michigan, poss. 1930s
Lynden Rodriguez
Aunt Millie Minerva Cleveland Knight in Michigan, poss. 1930s
Lynden Rodriguez
Sophie Blom
1915 June Kathleen W Rice.
Cathleen Halliburton
Pappa Olof 1år 1922
Karin Nordström
Born to be wild ! Taking the bike for a spin in London, England. 1930.
Deband Col Rogers
My father, John Rogers (1932-2004) aged 21 first job as a print compositor .
Deband Col Rogers
Grandma Marie and her brothers 1920
Sheri Blair
Familie van mam in 1935. Mam was 7 jr.
Orlando Ramakers
My wheels while I attended UCLA with my 1927 Ford T Roadster in front of San Fernando Mission and yes I still have it!
Henry Romero
Julia Kappes Werra ca. 1930
Rachel Perry de Schrank
Another side view of Uncle Emile Pomainville’s home located in Limoges, Ontario, Canada. 1930's
Linda Smith
Darlene Kinner Darline Brown George Bloom Wesley Bloom Genivieve Bloom late1925/early 1926 Genivieve died May 14, 1927 at age 2 1/2
Jo Ann Vesey
My Mom and Grandma (around late 1930s) on their upper Michigan farm.
Daniel Clifton
Papou Kostantinos and Yiayia Paraskeve in wedding dress 1924
Maria Hantzopoulos
4 enfants Richard 19220615
Marc Dewalque
My mother Marilynn Scott and her brother Wendell about 1935. Looks like Uncle Wennie had to go to the bathroom!
Lorraine Scott
Kaffedrickning i Hagaparken i augusti 1933
per noteberg
Anita a la edad de cuatro años (1924). Esta foto fue un regalo para su abuelo materno
Conny Jaramillo
The "flapper" generation! Two Friends ~ Midge Iveson (l) & Lillian Raber (r) ~ My Grandmothers, San Bernardino, California, c. 1925
Lynden Rodriguez
Depression Era 1931! Grandma Midge and Grandpa Charles Iveson with my Mom, Charlene, taken prob. in San Bernardino, California
Lynden Rodriguez
Midge Iveson, Lillian & Geo. Raber: 3 of my grandprnts. My mat'l grandfthr, Charles Iveson, took the photo, c. 1925, San Bernardino, CA
Lynden Rodriguez
L->R: Twins, Dolores and Dora Diaz. Dora is my Mother-in-Law, Riverside (old Rubidoux), California, c. 1934, Depression Era
Lynden Rodriguez
Lee Knight & Friends in Michigan, poss. 1930s
Lynden Rodriguez
Iveson Family in Addison, Michigan, poss. 1930s (dating the car)
Lynden Rodriguez
Aunt Millie Minerva Cleveland Knight in Michigan, poss. 1930s
Lynden Rodriguez
Michigan, 1930s
Lynden Rodriguez
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