How to create an AI Couple Portrait of you and your loved one?

First - redeem a coupon to use this feature for free:
Open the Photomyne app on your phone:
[A] Tap the 3-bar icon at the top-left of the main screen
[B] Tap ‘Help and support’
[C] Then, under ‘Tech support’, tap ‘Referral code’
[D] Enter the code AIVALENTINE and your email

Next - go to the AI tab and start creating for free:
[A] Look for the AI icon on the bottom bar of the main screen
[B] Tap ‘Try for free’ and follow the instructions to create your AI Couple Portrait

If you're happy with the results, send us one of them to and we might feature it in a special Valentine's edition of our weekly email.

* Limited coupons available - hurry up to claim yours!