Each and every one of the people who use Photomyne has unique stories hidden in those beautiful old photos. Photomyne Presents is a video series showcasing some of these captivating and original stories about the power of photo memories, told by Photomyne users from all over the world. Each story spotlights the people who passionately work to preserve memories and celebrate our legacies.

"A Life Arranged," for example, is a story that will make you question the concept of love and marriage. Arun Shroff takes us back to 1960s India and, through his scanned photos, re-experiences the extraordinary moment of his unexpected engagement.

In "Helen's Suitcase," you'll find out what happened after Carol Richards stumbled upon 100-year-old photos of her husband's grandmother and went on a genealogy journey, attempting to connect the past and the present.

"The Fukuyama Family" uncovers the profound impact of photos in healing from loss. Years after his mother passed, Takashi Fukuyama from Japan stumbled upon old albums tucked away, and with over 2,000 scanned photos, he keeps his mother's memory alive.

This was just a taste of the unique tales captured in old photos, waiting to be discovered and brought to life. Click the button below to see the entire "Photomyne Presents" Playlist on our YouTube page and enjoy these inspiring stories.

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