In the age of digitization, preserving precious memories has become more accessible than ever. With Photomyne’s scanning technology, old photographs, slides, and negatives can now be transformed into high-quality digital images with just a few clicks. And to make your life that much easier, we at Photomyne offer a range of accessories that can be used to enhance your scanning projects. So, how can you use these accessories to get the best results? Let’s take a look!

Phone/Tablet Mount

A stable scanning setup is essential for achieving crisp, distortion-free scans. The Photomyne Phone Holders and Tablet Stands provide just that, offering a sturdy hold for your smartphone or tablet during the scanning process. With adjustable height and angle settings, they ensure optimal positioning for capturing images with precision and clarity. Say goodbye to shaky hands and inconsistent results – these stands are a game-changer for anyone serious about digitizing their photo collections. Check out this product on Amazon.

Light Pad

Proper lighting is paramount for capturing the details of slides and negatives. The Light Pad Backlight from Photomyne ensures uniform illumination across the scanning area, eliminating shadows and enhancing image quality. Whether you're scanning faded slides or delicate film strips, this slim and portable light panel boasts optimal brightness and color accuracy, making it easier than ever to breathe new life into your cherished memories. Check out this product on Amazon.

Photo Shooting Tent

Looking for even lighting for your photos, slides, and negatives? The Photo Shooting Tent is definitely for you. The tent diffuses light sources, softens shadows, and reduces glare. So you get beautiful, glare-free scans with virtually no effort! The best part is that it’s lightweight, easy to store and carry, and can be used day or night with almost no setup required. Check out this product on Amazon.

Wireless Clicker

The clicker is another way to make your scanning that much better. It can connect seamlessly via Bluetooth to your device, works from a distance of up to 30 feet, and is super portable. It pairs perfectly with the phone mount and keeps your scans crystal clear and stable. Check out this product on Amazon.

Slide Viewer

If you have a lot of slides or negatives at home, this one’s for you! The Slide Viewer lets you view your slides and negatives in amazing quality and enjoy your memories up close. It has a built-in backlight and zoom function so you can magnify your images to see all those great details. It’s easy to use, portable, and makes for the perfect Photomyne companion, allowing you to see and scan your negatives and slides with better quality than ever before. Check out this product on Amazon.

Protective Pages

After spending all that time and effort digitizing your memories, keeping them organized and accessible is key to enjoying them for years to come. Photomyne’s Protective Photo Slide Page is the perfect way to protect your slides from collecting dirt and dust while keeping them at your fingertips for whenever you’re feeling nostalgic. Whether you prefer the tactile experience of flipping through a photo album or the convenience of accessing your images from anywhere via the cloud, Photomyne has you covered. Check out this product on Amazon.

Photomyne’s accessories are the perfect companions for anyone embarking on a scanning journey. From ensuring stable scanning conditions to enhancing image quality and preserving the integrity of your originals, these accessories are designed to streamline the digitization process and elevate the results. Whether you're a hobbyist preserving family memories or a professional archivist digitizing historical collections, Photomyne's accessories provide the tools you need to bring your scanning projects to life.

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