Marc, a Photomyne user, shared this beautiful family photo, which takes him back to his childhood and memories of a national celebration.

Where was the photo stored until now?

The photo was stored in a box in my basement, among other photos and albums. My sister used to save all of our family's albums, and after she passed away, and later her husband, I inherited the family assets.

What made you decide to scan it?

A friend read an article about Photomyne, so we looked it up together. We were stunned by the functions - scanning was easy, and adding colors was a great surprise. I purchased a Membership and started with my scanning project.

What is the story of this photo?

My mother took it on April 30, 1957. My sister, on the left, was eight years old. She passed away in 1993, and this is a lovely memory of her. In the middle is our father, and I'm on the right, almost six years old. April 30 was our Queen's birthday. We lived in Oegstgeest, the Netherlands (near Leiden), and Queen Juliana's birthday was a big celebration with a fair, children's games, singing, a parade, etc. In the photo, my mother captured us returning from the fair, and my dad carried a bag of deep-fried doughnut balls. This snack was also a part of this day's traditions.

What are you going to do with it now that it's digitized?

I already scanned a lot of photos, but there are still a lot more to go. First, I scan them with the app and organize them into albums. I sync the images with my Google Photos account, which is also possible so that I can share them more easily with family and friends. Once my digital albums are complete, I intend to print a family photo book with all the background information. The photos came from different resources, so I'm categorizing them and finding the stories behind them.

Anything else to add?

I have a lot of family photos I never knew about because these relatives died during World War II or lost contact. Colorizing the old photos makes me feel closer to these family members as if I beam them to the present time. It truly helps me connect more emotionally.

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