Len, a Photomyne user, shared this wonderful photo of her and her husband, which always reminds her of a day she'll never forget.

Where was the photo stored until now?

I had this photo in a photo album, so it had been a while since it had seen the light of day.

What made you decide to scan it?

My husband died on March 20th, 2023. I wanted to find a photo that was meaningful for us, so I took the picture out and scanned it so I could post it on Facebook to announce that he had passed.

What is the story of this photo?

This picture was taken by our best friends Barbara and Tony. We were at their house, getting in the car on the way to a Georgia Bulldogs football game. It was such a fun day! It was the first game I had ever been to, so we went all out. All of us prepared food and had a tailgate party. The photo is of me and my husband Walt (Wally) during our first 6 years of marriage. Our other two best friends were with us that day, and so were some of Wally’s best friends from high school. The ballgame was fantastic, a sea of red cheering in support of the DAWGS. And they won! So much fun, and I scanned it because I remember it as being one of those special days you just never want to forget. Now that I know it’s safe, thanks to Photomyne, I can relax.

What are you going to do with it now that it's digitized?

Now that I’ve scanned this photo, I just can’t seem to stop! I have about a thousand more pictures to capture with my phone and scan them with Photomyne for safekeeping. I just haven’t quite had the time yet, but I’m excited to continue preserving memories.

Anything else to add?

We had a house fire here in 2000. Luckily, all of us were safe. The firemen got here very fast, and I was able to move my car out of the garage and throw some jewelry, some videotapes, and most of our photo albums out onto the back deck. But I couldn’t go near the front of the house, and because of that, I lost many of the videos and pictures that were kept safe in the front and upstairs. That was what hurt most of all. You know you can replace everything else but not your pictures or videos, those are irreplaceable. When I first read about Photomyne, I got it immediately and knew that I couldn’t do without it. Now, I’m able to breathe easily, knowing that the photos I scan will be safe no matter what.

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