When does the free Photo Scanner app require an upgrade?

The free photo scanner app by Photomyne (iOS, Android) is meant to give you a taste of our service capabilities before deciding for yourself if it makes sense to upgrade.

For this reason, some of its features will become locked after basic use. To unlock more features and remove all restrictions you will need to upgrade. Here's what you get when first downloading Photomyne's free app:

  • Photo saving: limited in number and photo quality
  • Photo sharing: limited
  • Color filters: full set of filters
  • Photo design effects (B&W colorization): limited
  • Account sync: restricted to a single device
  • Photo backup: unavailable (photos saved in the app as long as app is installed)
When you reach the free app's limits, you are invited to upgrade to an account When you reach the free app's limits, you are invited to upgrade to an account

Unlock Photomyne: unlocking the app's full utility features, plus cloud services: this option means subscribing to and signing up for a Photomyne account. By opting for this option you will enjoy these additional complementary services:

  • Unlimited saving and sharing
  • Unlimited B&W photo colorization
  • Photo access on other devices
  • Unlimited photo backup
  • Photo ZIP transfer to PC or Mac
  • Free up space on your device
  • Photos saved in best quality

These features are practically a MUST if you have lots of paper photos you'd like to scan and save. To join Photomyne, simply tap the Profile tab on the app's bottom navigation bar (right-most icon) and select your preferred plan.

Please note that a Photomyne account is available as (a) an in-app purchase of an auto-renewed subscription or (b) as a single upfront payment (the One-Time plan) valid for 10 years.

This page has been updated on: June 2019

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