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Asset 146
Jens Hasselberg Johanson (Mom's Dad born in 1856), photo taken in Kristiansund, NORGE, before he came to USA in 1882
Paul N. Johnson
Born 7/1885 died 11/1956
Jo Moreno
The John O. Gibby and Laura H. Taylor Gibby Family. Back row, l to r: Olive May Gibby (August 25, 1881-December 2, 1966), Thomas William Gibby (February 18, 1879-July 28, 1937), Lottie Jane Gibby (August 29, 1884-August 7, 1979), George Franklin Gibby (February 12, 1878-May 23, 1965) and Eva Gibby (July 20, 1886-December 18, 1979). Second row, l to r: Gladys Marie Gibby (October 7, 1888-February 26, 1977), John Owens Gibby (April 29, 1841-April 2, 1926), Laura Henrietta Taylor Gibby (Februar
Shelley Diehl
My Great Grandmother, Susie Allys Peace (Stone), c. 1865, following the American Civil War, Photographer Unknown, Place prob. Greenville, SC
Lynden Rodriguez
Born 25 Sep 1882
Sherril Francis
Madeleine Varney was born on 10/13/1880. She was a Chemistry and Physics teacher at a San Francisco high school and was married to Major Morris. She died on 05/25/1952.
Dave Homan.
Back row William Elmer Thompson born 1862 and Rosa Jane Thompson born 1874. My fathers grandparents ; my great grandparents and my grandchildren’s great great great grandparents!
Anita Szuch
Belonged to my maternal grandfather Neville Egerton Wright 1870-1950 Do not not know who these people are nor date/location of photo. Photographer is Norton Collins.
Mike Coates
Bertha Elizabeth Wills
ian moller
Bertha Elizabeth wills ( née Dickens)
ian moller
Photo taken by Roy Studios
Nancy Aitken
Akron High School, Akron, OH graduation, 1885
Wendy Payne
Henri Marchand
Georg Paul Fivian
Walter Gordon Turnbull born October 23, 1883. Son of Walter Chisholm Turnbull and Isabela Brodie. Age 4 years old. Photo taken at Farmer Brothers Photographers 10 King St. West, Hamilton, ON.
Jennifer Turnbull
22 months. Died January 22, 1874
Francine Dougherty
Grandma born 1875 married at age 26 Grandpa born 1868 Grandpa died 5-20-1936 Grandma died 11-22-68
Bonnie Coffman
Grandfather Ottrey
Sherril Francis
The day I was baptised, August 1953: I am resting in my great grandmother's lap - how proud she looks! Her eldest daughter, my grandmother, on the left. My mother on the right. Three strong, intelligent women who lived exciting, challenging and very different lives through more than a century. An invaluable heritage. How lucky I am!
Nina Heggelund
Judy age 15 wearing slightly altered Great Grandmothers wedding dress (the orange dress in photo of 1877) I coloured it in that shade because it looked too pink other wise. Maybe should have left it black and white!
Judith Woodburn
Persona sin identificar en el álbum familiar Navarro. 1870. Fotógrafo: A. Boissier y Romero. Calle Mayor de Triana, 74. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Rosa Naranjo Masanet
Samuel Elgart son of Simon 1870
gisele elgart
Fotot taget av Alfred Dahlgren, Dragarbrunnsgatan 48 20 år gammal
Ann-Louise Risberg
Winifred Ada born 1885
Trish Holding Mowry
Grandparents Rodriguez-Quintela; (1907) Manzanillo, Cuba
Luis Manuel Rodriguez
My grandfather, George Rueben Hawkes, (seated)he was born in Christchurch New Zealand in 1884, came to Australia where he married my grandmother, had 10 children and died in 1924.
Carole Sim
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